I then rush home to upload your photos, and start editing them to provide you with some sneak peaks ASAP as possible (anyone else for that The Office reference?). You'll receive those within the first week after your wedding day, as we'll all be so excited to look at them. 6-8 weeks after your wedding, you will have a gallery full of memories to cherish.

From there we can order prints, create a stunning heirloom album, and stay friends!

You find me on the internet, you reach out to me, we connect, become friends, and you hire me! You always want to make sure you vibe with the photographer you're hiring, so when we are first meeting, we talk all about yourselves and your wedding day coming up.

I show up to capture your photos! I am not only a button pusher though, I am your friend, I am holding bouquets, fluffing dresses, adjusting ties, make sure you're both fed, and enjoying the day.

my process

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I am Ottawa based, but don't let that stop you from reaching out - I love to travel!