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I've always loved interiors and design, therefore why not be an Ottawa interior photographer! We all know that photos make or break a house listing - which is where I come in!
I aim for natural lighting, and clean lines, and show what it would look like if you were to live in it.I love HGTV design shows - hello Love It or List It Vancouver! - and I want to photograph everything that is beautifully designed.
Whether you're entering a contest, looking to add to your portfolio, or simply keep updating your socials and website, let's work together to get you stunning images that will keep landing you the dream clients you deserve.

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what it includes

Interior design photography allows you to showcase your work in a way that will draw in future clients.

Sessions are booked on a per project basis, with a one hour minimum booking. One hour of time is typically enough to capture a living space - kitchen, dining room, and living room if they are all staged.

1 hour of photography coverage
Up to 50 images
Professional editing
Online gallery




Make sure the space that is being photographed is clean! A smudge on the stove front might be minimal to us, but the camera sees all. Same with dust, so make sure all surfaces and under couches are dusted. Add in some spice with decorative elements. You took the time to make the space look with the tile, colour, and cabinet selections - accent it with florals, cutting boards, baked goods, etc. Finishing touches make the space feel a lot more lived in, and will draw them into the room.

Provide direction

As a photographer, coming in with a bit of a game plan always helps. If there specific elements you want to make sure are captured - a really neat pantry, close up details of the cabinet hardware, a specific angle for a before/after post - let us know. But then set us free to do what we do best.

Start early

Like any project, you want to start with a plan. Make sure to hire a designer (if you're not already one), to help bring your vision to life. They will be able to help with those intricate details, and help stage the place for photos once you're ready. Already a designer, but can't stage? Hire one! It helps bring your space to life, and feel more true to life, rather than an empty space that people can't picture themselves in.

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