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The Different Types of “First Looks”

December 11, 2020

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You put so much time and effort into your wedding day looks, that really, why not show it off to your spouse, your friends, and your family?!
1. With your fiancé
Doing a first look has many benefits on your wedding day, and I can do a whole blog post about why you should consider doing one! They give you some private time with your fiancé; you can capture most of your bridal photos and bridal party photos prior to the ceremony, which opens up a lot more time for you two to enjoy the cocktail afterwards; and it helps to calm those nerves when you’re walking do the aisle.
And you can get amazing reactions like Brendan had when he saw his beautiful wife to be! I’ve never seen someone laugh and cry from excitement before, it was a first, and it was an honour to be able to witness this moment between them.
2. With your bridesmaids
The people you chose to stand beside you on your wedding day clearly mean a lot to you. It’s a lot of fun, and can be an emotional experience too! You’ll be in a separate room from the girls getting ready, usually with your mom, sibling, mother in law, or whoever you decide to have help you into your gown and accessories. This also provides a really calming experience for you as the bride getting ready, because this is when it gets REAL. And having your bridesmaids rushing around you getting themselves ready can be a little overwhelming. But once you’re done getting ready, and we’ve taken a couple bridal portraits, it’s then time to have surprise them and have them tell you how amazing you look!

Don’t forget to surprise your wedding planner too! They love seeing you all dressed up and ready to say “I Do”, as by this point, they’re fully invested in you and your special day. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brittany of
Frid Events cry before Jen’s wedding day!)
3. With your parents
One of the sweetest moments you’ll have on your wedding day, is surprising your parents with your full outfit. Whether you’re having a first look with your dad or mom, you’re bound to get some tears. You’re their little baby, all grown up, preparing to say “I do” to your chosen partner, and they couldn’t be more proud. I would highly recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes prior to the ceremony to take the time and surprise them.

I love these moments so much – they’re so real, and emotional. I am all about documenting your day as it unfolds, and capturing the bonds you have with your chosen people. And this is by far one of my favourite traditions.

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